A couple weekends ago I was over in Long Beach for Patchwork.

It was pretty fun checking out all of the local vendors and their handmade goods. Everything was there from jewelry and art to clothing and home accessories.

Some designers had really great booth displays and set ups. I really take notice and appreciate when someone takes the time to brand themselves in a way that makes sense and then executes it well - it goes a long way.

This jewelry designer Nikki Montoya not only had a fun display, but the collection she was showing was super cute. Her jewelry was inspired by a tribal theme and I pretty much wanted to take every piece home with me.

Nikki Montoya Jewelry

There were some random knick knacky stuff and some cute things for around the house. I thought the idea of putting the stamps in the cupcake pan was pretty adorable.

Anyway, definitely some super cool stuff to check out and get inspired by. I'm pretty sure there's another one going on later this month in Culver City.

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