This is the B-Day of Hanger Shortage's blog and I wanted to acknowledge it since I'm sort of sentimental and like to look back at what I was doing one year ago.

I decided to go through the entire blog and and look at all that I've done this year. Every post jogs a memory of course and I also can't help to think that it's seriously incredible that it has gone by this quickly. There were posts where I'd think "What?! I did that in September? That feels like 6 weeks ago!" But anyway, because of Hanger Shortage I've been able to meet so many like-minded, driven, talented people and I'm grateful that it's allowed for such great opportunities.

Having the blog portion of my site has also caused me to react differently to everyday life and now my camera is always in my purse. It keeps me on my toes and always thinking of things that not only I want to experience, but stuff that you guys may be interested in as well. Thanks to those of you that drop in to check everything out :)

I wanted to share some of my fav photos and the way I see it, these are basically quick slices of what the last year has entailed.

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