I'm really hoping you guys have heard the band Milo Greene and their self titled album that released earlier last year.

Personally for me, when I first heard their sound, it kind of stopped me in my tracks and I thought 'Wait, what was that?'. It was unlike anything I've really ever heard before and immediately I was searching for more of their songs to listen to and along the way I learned a bit more about the band.

The members of Milo Greene are seriously multifaceted people. Not only is their record amazing, but they have also taken their passion for music and combined it with their love for film. One of the band's early goals was to create scores for movies. Naturally, they set out to create their own film called Moddison which is set to their entire album. The story and concept was created by them and filmed at one of their cabins, where they actually spent a lot of time putting the album together. Once the record was complete they wrote the movie script in about 3 days and filmed it all in less than a week. The quality and creativity of the whole piece is really impressive. This is not merely a long music video - this is a film.

In fact, their record label thought the initial concept was crazy and didn't exactly agree with it at first. The band finally convinced them that it could be split up into several sequential music videos and played separately - each with a different album track. I like that Milo Greene doesn't seem to let obstacles get in the way of what they see fits.

This philosophy has really been embraced since the beginning. When just starting out, the band initially made up a fake booking agent under the name Milo Greene, who would call and email on the band's behalf in order to snag gigs.

Anyway, I met up with the band in San Diego when they were finishing their first US headlining tour and chatted with them about their experience.They had some fun stories about being on the road, stopping at Rest Stops that all look the same and even cramming all of them into a taxi to head to a Bulls game in Chicago. But what really interested me the most was their focus. This is their life - they spend everyday working and pushing harder to meet their goals with barely any days off. And if they do have a brief few days to themselves, they end up using it to simply work more - Moddison is proof of that. The fact that they have such a clear vision and the motivation to move forward to accomplish those things is so inspiring. The band members have a level of passion that you don't often find, and I'm excited to see what's next for them. Definitely check out their music and their film Moddison on their site.

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