A few weeks back, Riviera 31 at the Sofitel Los Angeles hosted the Gilles Bensimon pop-up Exhibit.

The latest of the French photographer's work was displayed so beautifully and elegantly along various walls throughout the hotel. Through his 30-year career, Bensimon has selectively photographed iconic women, including, Audrey Hepburn, Charlize Theron and Beyonce. I had the opportunity to view his unique style during an exclusive preview session and found myself inspired. How could I not, right?

The tour was really interesting - each photograph with it's own story. The one that stuck with me most was the story behind this Charlize photo. It's a little hard to see, but she's softly crying - Bensimon had sought out a song he knew made her feel sad and played it during their shoot to get this type of reaction. Even before knowing this, this particular photo was my personal favorite from the get-go. There's such an intense dramatic element to it.

Dress, designed by yours truly

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