Over the weekend, I made my way to Downtown Los Angeles and scoured Unique LA.

This is obviously something that I typically do, where I scout out cool up-and-coming brands, chat with them and snap a few photos. But this time I added in a little something else - I ended up stopping a few random groups of people who I felt had really fun senses of style. So I snapped their photos and decided to feature them as well.

I think it's really great when the people attending these types of shows have an obvious charisma about them that almost reflects some of what you see in the products and brands that are being exhibited. A lot of the people walking around Unique LA had a keen sense of style and they seemed to be into the whole movement of local artists 'doing their thing'.

Monica Squitieri Jewelry - Beautiful pieces made by hand in California and inspired by tide pools, desert spires and valleys of gold.

The cute girl on the right actually has a great brand called Garden Head. - I've seen tons of flower crowns recently, but these are actually super unique and different. I really love the elements she uses to create them.

Rais Case - Driven by clean lines and beautiful textiles - designer Julie Rais Ellis uses genuine Pendleton wool fabrics.

Goat and Kettle - Artisan jewelry hand-hammered from antique keys & hardware.

Cherise's Pieces - All handmade by Cherise herself.

Weekend Society - I met the designer and he creates really great graphics for their t-shirt collection.

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