Over the weekend I was up in Northern California.

I was doing some filming up in China Peak and had a few minutes of free time so of course some photos were snapped. It was sort of a last minute thing to go up North but I'm all about being spontaneous. The whole trip was pretty quick - we jumped in the car late Friday night and got up to China Peak around 3am, started shooting at 8am and got back super late Saturday. I'm a road trip lover though - it gives me an excuse to drink more coffee and eat more candy than normal (which is already a lot).

The air up there was so fresh - it smelled like pine or at least trees. It's kind of crazy that I could so easily tell the difference between the air there and down here in SoCal. Needless to say, I was taking about a billion deep breathes and loving it.

There were a bunch of bikes up there. I, of course, had to test out a few to see how they felt since I plan on learning to ride soon. I grew up riding on the back of my dad's bike and still, to this day, look forward to going home and hopping on for a ride through the Tonto Forest or wherever really.

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