Today's a reminder to live in the moment and take a deep breath.

I've noticed lately that between all that I'm doing with my clothing brand 16th Colony, Hanger Shortage and filming for other fashion brands, things get a bit hectic and stressful. So instead of drowning in the lists of demands and being self critical that I'm not getting 'enough' done - I've decided to step back take a look at everything from another perspective and remember that I am living exactly as I have intended.

Cleobella Crochet Dress

It's important to keep in mind that you have the freedom to create your own path in life. All the things you've always wanted to do - go do them.

Although there are the inevitable struggles, that's just part of the process. In the end, it's all worth it.

Free People textured slip dress

When I was in South Beach, you could say I felt very 'in the moment'. I'm definitely planning on carrying on with this mood.

Dress, Cleobella - Slip, Free People - Shoes, Shopsosie.com

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