Ever since I got an iPhone I've used a black Incipio Feather Case.

It definitely fits my style since it's sleek and of course, black. After that I started habitually using their Performance Armband when I would workout. Anyway, I brought a few new faves with me to Miami.

I made it a point to be on the beach a lot - even though I didn't necessarily want to be on my phone checking emails and junk, I still wanted to have it with me to take random photos, etc. The Incipio Atlas was the perfect case to have since it's water-resistant, which meant I could be pretty careless. Some might say I'm already a bit reckless with my phone, so it worked out great.

Also, in tow was the iPad mini with its new case from the Printed Lexington collection. I personally like this because it's not super bulky but it still gets the job done. Plus, the interior has a soft and yummy microsuede - I'm a sucker for a really great lining.

When I wasn't frolicking around at the beach, I switched my phone back into a more day-to-day type of case. Recently, I've been trying out this super cute watercolor floral print and it's still ultra thin, so don't worry.

Anyway, thanks to Incipio for all the goodies - they're really coming in handy.

Ultra Thin Emmie Case, Printed Lexington iPad Mini Case, Atlas Water-Resistant Case

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