Whew, I almost forgot about Part II.

If you've in some way, some how, missed Part I, you could always check it out here. But anyway, after roaming around Miami for a few days I made my way down to Key West. This was my first time there and I was actually really looking forward to the long scenic drive.

To be completely honest, Key West wasn't exactly what I had expected. I've been to the Caribbean, so in my head I was imagining The Keys to be somewhat similar - fine sandy beaches and crystal clear blue-green waters. In fact it wasn't really like the Caribbean at all but it did have a unique charm of its own.

I rented a bicycle to cruise around the small town one afternoon. I really loved the cottage style homes and bed and breakfasts'. Riding around ended up being one of my fave parts of the whole trip - I felt very free during those moments.

Of course, I had to stop in at the infamous Glazed Donuts. I kind of forgot where I read about this place initially but it doesn't matter since I made it there. These donuts were so tasty and I should know since one of my top priorities in life is 'sweets'. So anyway, I got Cinnamon Sugar (duh) and it hit the spot.

Don't fret about Part II being over and done with - I'll be posting a bit more from this trip soon.

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