Now that it's the New Year, I'm back at it.

I've been hiding out in Arizona for the holidays. This time I didn't bring any work back with me, which in all honesty made me a little antsy but at the same time just hanging out at home was a good way to unwind the year. I spent the week watching my mom cook (since I don't), taking photos with my dad (we both got new cameras last month) and hanging out with my best friends playing Cards Against Humanity.

Now that there's a clean slate with the New Year, I'm seriously ready to take it on. I typically don't do a lot of 'nothing', so in a way since being in Arizona I've stored up a ton of pent up energy and creativity and I am beyond ready to release it.

I'm not really one to talk about the things I'm going to do, I really just rather do it. So, I won't necessarily go into the details of what I anticipate the year to bring but I will say that for the last few months I've been listing out all my goals and ideas and now I have a timeline for it all.

I'm definitely so grateful for my readers and truly wish everyone a fantastic year ahead.

Dress - random boutique find, Jacket - Nasty Gal, Boots - Sophia & Lee

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