Guess what - I've made your Friday night plans for you already.

I'm hosting an event from 7-10 at Sourced Collective in Laguna Beach on Jan. 10th. So definitely make your way over so we can hang out and share a glass of wine together. I'll be showing my latest 16th Colony collection 'American Sonoran'. I'm also really excited to announce the re-design of Hanger Shortage and celebrate that accomplishment with all of you. I've completely revamped the homepage and added in some extra pages to help bring all of the work I've done the last couple years to the surface. A lot of great posts, videos and shop + designer profiles get 'lost' in the blog so I decided it was important to make a home for all of those things.

So, I'll see you Friday and in the meantime, go ahead and browse the rest of the new Hanger Shortage site.

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