I'm really excited to announce the latest Hanger Shortage Style Interview video.

A few months back I visited the founder of Lumi, Jesse Genet, at her loft/work studio at The Brewery Art Complex in Los Angeles. It was a very in depth interview since there was a ton of stuff to cover. Jesse talked to me about her personal style but also mostly went into detail about how she has built up Lumi to be such a successful brand. She touches on subjects like the beginning stages, her Kickstarter campaigns and what she hopes the future holds. She is a true entrepreneur and super inspiring so definitely tune in to this vid.

To celebrate the launch of this video, the Lumi team and I want to give you some tools so you can be creative and inspired. So for a chance to win an Inkodye Starter Kit, get on instagram and follow both of us: @lumi and @hangershortage. Secondly, fill out the contest entry form on Jesse's interview video page. We'll pick one lucky winner on February 8th - cross your fingers.

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