Friday night's event was a blast and I'm just now recovering from it and all the prep work that went into it.

I loved teaming up with Michelle, the woman behind the Sourced Collective space, for this event. She was amazing in helping me organize it all so well. I switched things up a bit for this Trunk Show and in addition to showing the 16th Colony collection, I also wanted to highlight the fact that I redesigned all of Hanger Shortage. We projected all the Style Interview Videos in a loop on a wall outside of the space - it was sort of magical.

There are always a ton of great elements to events like this but I think my favorite part of hosting these things is meeting new people. It's such an energizing feeling connecting with like-minded individuals and talking to them about their passions.

I'm also pretty excited that some ponchos were able to find new homes!

Waitin' for the fun to start!

So all in all, it was a success and we had a great turnout. All types of people, friends, press and even dogs :) Thanks to everyone who made it down to Laguna Beach.

Special thanks to Jennifer from the OC Register for coming out to the event.

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