Leave it to the creatives to hone in on the perfect work space environment.

Michelle Mercado nailed it with her recent endeavor, Sourced - A California Collective. It's a carefully curated space in Laguna Beach that houses a variety small businesses.

Michelle relocated to Laguna Beach from San Francisco where she came from the world of event planning and design. When collaborating with the vendors she worked with, she always wanted to know more about the in's and out's of their trades - florals, stationary, photography, etc. When she gained a better understanding of these fields it helped her succeed and made her planning more efficient. Sourced Collective takes this concept one step further and is a space where Michelle and other creative small businesses can work together side by side.

When a quaint cottage in Laguna Beach became available, Michelle knew instantly that it was the perfect spot to make her idea of collaborating with other designers in close proximity a reality. In August 2013, Sourced Collective opened and became the home to several businesses including, Allison Kate Stationery, Rebecca Judy Photography, Floral Fete, The Bloomin' Gypsy, Macalistaire Vintage and ReDeux & CCH Design.

The goal is that everyone acts on their own but they also all come together and are a part of something larger. It essentially allows for all of them to have an understanding of each other's work and makes them all more well rounded.

Not only does Sourced have a well curated handful of creatives working out of the space but Michelle also found value in opening up part of the cottage for people to rent out and host workshops and events.

In fact, I'll be hosting a Trunk Show for my clothing line 16th Colony, on Friday, Jan. 10th. If you feel like killing two birds with one stone, come check out both, the inspiring Sourced Collective space, along with a rack full of Ponchos. There will be wine too so that's always a plus.

Here's a full list of all the creative people working out of Sourced - you're welcome :)

Allison Kate Stationery, Rebecca Judy Photography, Floral FĂȘte, The Bloomin' Gypsy, Macalistaire Vintage, ReDeux & CCH Design

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